Our 8 Competencies

The following eight areas of competence represent the categories of skills, knowledge and behaviour common to all nutrition managers.

Quality Management
Nutrition and Healthy Living
Clinical Nutrition
Food Service Systems Management
Human Resources Management
Financial/Business Management
Marketing and Promotion

Competency statements and standards listed below describe in more detail the knowledge, skills or behaviours which contribute to the competency. The competency statements and standards have been designed to follow the phrase "The entry-level nutrition manager is able to ....".

For full details, review our Professional Performance Competencies document. 

Competency 1.0 Professionalism

1.1.0   Practice in accordance with Canadian Society of Nutrition Management Code of Ethics.
1.1.1   Participate in activities to gain knowledge, skills and behaviors.
1.1.2   Identify and address conflict of interest situations.
1.1.3   Identify and address situations of confidentiality.
1.1.4   Apply and assess problem solving and decision making processes.
1.1.5   Identify management styles and leadership skills.
1.1.6   Manage time effectively.
1.1.7   Demonstrate accountability for action.
1.1.8   Follow established dress and work codes.
1.1.9   Demonstrate adaptability to new situations.
1.1.10 Demonstrate dependability and initiative.
1.1.11 Demonstrate effective verbal and non verbal communication skills.
1.1.12 Demonstrate effective written communication skills.
1.1.13 Participate in meetings.
1.1.14 Select the appropriate method of communication.
1.1.15 Utilize computers and other available electronic communication technology.
1.1.16 Demonstrate effective multimedia communication skills.

Competency 2.0 Quality Management

2.1.0   Participate in quality managemen
2.1.1   Participate in quality management programs.
2.1.2   Describe government standards related to quality management.
2.1.3   Correlate standard operating procedures with legal and HACCP requirements.
2.1.4   Analyze risks related to food hazards

Competency 3.0 Nutrition and Healthy Living

3.1.0  Demonstrate knowledge of normal nutrition.
3.1.1  Demonstrate knowledge of nutrient composition of foods.
3.1.2  Describe nutritional needs of the healthy population
3.1.3  Demonstrate knowledge of current issues in nutrition.

Competency 4.0 Clinical Nutrition

4.1.0   Participate in the provision of nutrition care.
4.1.1   Demonstrate knowledge of nutritional supplements.
4.1.2   Participate in routine nutritional screening.
4.1.3   Participate in the development and implementation of nutrition care plans.
4.1.4   Write modified menu according to the nutrition care plan.
4.1.5   Monitor client food intake and acceptance.
4.1.6   Interview and counsel clients according to established procedures.
4.1.7   Document client information according to established procedures.
4.1.8   Participate as a member of the health care team.

Competency 5.0 Food Service Systems Management

5.1.0   Participate in menu planning.
5.1.1   Plan menus according to established criteria and menu planning guidelines.
5.1.2   Adapt regular menus for modified diets.
5.1.3   Participate in purchasing, receiving, storing and inventory control.
5.1.4   Participate in inventory control.
5.1.5   Participate in equipment and small wares procurement.
5.1.6   Supervise food production.
5.1.7   Participate in recipe development and standardization.
5.1.8   Audit client meals for quality, portion control and accuracy.
5.1.9   Evaluate a cleaning and sanitation program.
5.1.10 Evaluate a preventative maintenance program.
5.1.11 Maintain/monitor/document standards for workplace safety and security.
5.1.12 Participate in the development /evaluation of plans and strategies for revenue generation.
5.1.13 Understand the principles behind goal setting and strategic planning.
5.1.14 Participate in the development and review of policies and procedures.
5.1.15 Recommend improvements in work flow and facility design.
5.1.16 Coordinate operational activities within the department and with other departments.
5.1.16 Investigate new preparation, service, products and technology.

Competency 6.0 Human Resources Management

6.1.0   Participate in human resource management.
6.1.1   Participate in recruiting, hiring, orienting, training, evaluating, disciplining and dismissal of personnel.
6.1.2   Maintain personnel records.
6.1.3   Participate in determining staffing needs.
6.1.4   Participate in the development and revision of job descriptions and performance standards.
6.1.5   Supervise personnel using appropriate management and motivational techniques.
6.1.6   Implement personnel, departmental and facility policies, collective agreement and pertinent government          legislation.
6.1.7   Identify training needs and staff development programs.
6.1.8   Participate in the provision of in-service education.

Competency 7.0 Financial/Business Management

7.1.0   Participate in the financial management of the department.
7.1.1   Identify financial management systems and pertinent government legislation.
7.1.2   Participate in the analysis and interpretation of financial statistics and performance indicators.
7.1.3   Participate in the development, evaluation and revision of budgets.
7.1.4   Participate in department strategic planning.

Competency 8.0 Marketing and Promotion

8.1.0   Participate in marketing initiatives.
8.1.1   Participate in development/evaluation of marketing initiatives..
8.1.2   Participate in activities to enhance the public’s knowledge of food and nutrition.

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